the platform


Cloud Platform

- Centralized device management
- End-to-end security
- Scalable infrastructure

Point of Interest Sensors (POIs) and Cloud Connectors (CCs)

- WiFi or Cellular connection to the cloud
- Indoor location resolution of 3 ft
- Battery-powered proximity sensor
- Capable of managing thousands of tags individually

Smarter Sensors

- BLE technology (3-5 year battery life)
- Indoor and outdoor location
- Multi-sensory (temperature, humidity, shock)

Sensor Tags

- Sensor tags deployed in hours
- Customer-defined workflow
- 3rd party device and REST APIs




CloudLeaf’s CloudOS™ provides centralized visibility and management of sensory and connector devices without the cost and complexity of on-premise systems. The platform is designed to enable self-provisioning of devices for ease of deployment across the value chain. The solution is end-to-end secure and robust, designed and built based on industry best practices.


Real time, in-depth asset tracking.


our devices

We use just three types of hardware as the backbone of our solutions,
allowing for deployment in a matter of minutes.


Cloud Connector

An industrial-grade gateway for high density Bluetooth Smart device connectivity. The Cloud Connector is a gateway to the CloudOS for all CloudLeaf and 3rd party sensors and wearables in the ecosystem.

+ High Density

The Cloud Connector connects to thousands of end-nodes with seamless network handoff.

Cloud uplink is offered via USB, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), WiFi or Cellular.

+ Secure

CloudLeaf uses end-to-end SSL/TLS, native AES-128
encryption to sensors.

Point of Interest Sensor

Point of Interest Sensor

A battery-operated location sensor deployable with zero wiring in a matter of minutes.

+ Battery Powered

The POI Sensor has a battery life of 3+ years.

+ Microlocation

The sensor has a cloud configurable radius of 3 ft to 70 ft per direction and can be used to set area-based proximity and chokepoints.

+ Workflow

Different POIs may be used in conjunction to stitch together logical workflows based on the travel path of an asset.


Sensor Tag

A powerful battery-operated device that provides real-time tracking of asset. The Bluetooth Smart (BLE) based tag provides asset location and environmental sensory information to the cloud via the Cloud Connector gateway.

+ Long Life

CloudLeaf Sensor Tags are highly efficient: a single CR2477 (1000mAh) coin-cell battery lasts 5 years at a 1s beacon rate.

+ Bidirectional

The tags support bidirectional communication for functions like OTA software updates, sensor communication (make tag blink, call button, etc.)

+ Multi-Sensory

Sensor Tags monitor temperature, humidity, acceleration, and motion. They can also include other functions, including LED or displays, via an expansion port.