Cloudleaf is an end-to-end technology solution using sensors, cloud and machine learning for continuous visibility into all your assets and workflows.

Complete visibility is assembled through five main data points: location, condition, quantification, time and travel path.

Problems We’re Solving

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Monitor real-time location for raw material, assets and goods.
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Track dwell times for time-sensitive material to avoid waste and penalties.
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Optimize inventory levels by automating cycles and physical counting.
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Manage product quality by monitoring environment conditions like temperature.
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View chain of custody for regulatory compliance & real-time production.
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Organize workforce for safer conditions and greater efficiency.
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Supply Chain Visibility

Unlocking new revenue opportunities is the result of reliable real-time data. See what is possible with continuous supply chain coverage.
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Sensor Data Platform

The ability to map complex operations requires leading technology. See how our intelligent sensor network is revolutionizing what is possible.
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How Cloudleaf Works

From assembly lines, warehouses and labs to job sites and shipping yards, on the ground or in the air––keep an eye on your inventory––wherever it is, whatever condition it’s in.

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One Solution Tracks
All Your Processes & Assets

Our patented sensors have 3-5 years of battery life, sending continuous information to the cloud, where it can be read and analyzed through desktop or mobile applications.

Detailed Reports For Real-Time Insights

Personalize your dashboard to fit your data needs. Seamlessly integrate real-time insights into your everyday operations.

"Through our partnership with Cloudleaf, we are enabling leading energy, industrial and mining companies to deliver complex and critical projects faster and at lower cost. Unlike conventional approaches that rely on human-based data capture of information, integrating Cloudleaf’s location-based sensing technology with our Project Production Control Solutions provides our customers with true end-to-end control of the intricate supply networks associated with the delivery of today’s capital projects."
Strategic Partner in Oil & Gas
"We are excited about our growing partnership with Cloudleaf. By providing real-time asset tracking and analytics, we are able to identify improvement opportunities in our logistics and materials management. We believe Cloudleaf offers a scalable and cost effective way to help us improve performance in multiple areas of our business."
Tier One Automotive Supplier
"Cloudleaf empowers us with the precise visibility and control we need to track plasma samples, location, dwell times and environmental conditions at each point in our FDA regulated medical diagnostics processes. The more we learn about Cloudleaf, it’s helped open up our eyes to even more possibilities."
Global Pharmaceutical Company
“When certain thresholds are met, using Cloudleaf, we receive alerts that help us monitor the extremely high temperatures required to keep the metal in a molten state over long distances. This leads to safer operations and enhanced productivity, through better JIT materials management.”
Global Steel Manufacturer
“The Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric™ provides us with real-time location-awareness that enables us to effortlessly orchestrate the flow of parts, pallets, containers and shipments across our entire supply-chain.”
Tier One Automotive Supplier
“With millions of containers in circulation at any time, we turned to Cloudleaf as a solution that can be deployed throughout ours as well as customer supply chains. The cost savings of getting an accurate inventory read is significant, in addition to scheduling efficiencies. In the future we want to expand it to customer sites with the help of Cloudleaf sensors.”
Global Distribution Company
“Partnering with Cloudleaf, we designed learning modules that demonstrate state-of-the-art technology and product traceability to equip our clients with the knowledge they need to prepare for the next phase of industry. The Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric™ has helped us show the possibilities of dynamic data and calculate return on investment for clients ready to adopt the latest in IoT.”
Top Management Consulting Firm