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In supply chain, the only constant is change. Traditional approaches were rigid, linear, and disconnected. Today, companies must integrate flexibility into efforts to improve efficiency. Cloudleaf uses ground truth data from IoT sensors, environmental context, and enterprise systems to unlock insight into demand and supply volatility—so you respond quickly and strategically to whatever comes next.

Increasing visibility at the PRODUCT LEVEL brings light to dark spots in the supply chain where waste occurs. Combining the explosive growth of IoT with contextual information from across the enterprise and trading partners, companies can leverage solutions like Cloudleaf to dismantle horizontal and vertical silos to operate with more agility.


Former Senior Managing Director, Supply ChainAccenture

Digital Supply Chains

Digital Visibility

Create a Digital Visibility Platform

Leverage real-time IoT and enterprise data on the flow and condition of your products and assets, then adjust for better outcomes.

Unleash The Power

Unleash the Power of End-to-End Data

From source to make, deliver to service, illuminate challenges that span functional and enterprise boundaries, in-house and with partners.

Future Ready Design

Embed Future-Ready Design

Hyperscale plug-and-play Cloud architecture. Harmonize best-available data, including device-agnostic IoT sources, for faster time to value.


Earlier visibility is the first step to agile operations. But impact comes when you see meaningful insights through the noise. Cloudleaf helps assess implications and the next right action given real-world disruptions and dynamic supply chain networks.

Inventory Intelligence


Capture product-level insights, reflecting location and condition, to manage risk and product integrity, reduce waste, improve utilization, and better align supply and demand.

Asset intelligence

Asset Intelligence

Maintain continuous visibility, whether in-house or in the field. Synchronize assets, products, and labor to streamline projects, reduce capital loss, and increase process efficiencies.

Logistics Intelligence

Logistics Intelligence

Reduce expediting and excursions; manage dwell time, compliance, and chain of custody; and improve competitive differentiation with value-added services, transparency, and availability.

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