Actionable Insights

Real-time actionable insights into your operations with key metrics, trends, alerts, notifications and reports, delivered as role-based dashboards.


Real-time actionable insights at your fingertips, across multiple facilities and partners, in a matter of days instead of months.

Purpose-built and persona driven dashboards for KPIs, historical trends, asset characteristics, counts, movement statistics and configurable alerts and notifications.

Extensibility with APIs, SDK and adaptors for enterprise and 3rd party application integrations.

1. ASSET utilization

Track and manage assets in real-time with time-sampling location and contextual metadata

2. Factory Operations

Manage factory operations, processes and workflows in real-time and operationalize IoT

3. Complex Assemblies

Take the headache out of managing complex Bill-of-Materials, across facilities and suppliers


Monitor environment and asset conditions, enabling fault management and ensuring product quality