CEO/CFO Magazine Features Cloudleaf CEO, Mahesh Veerina

CEO/CFO Magazine Features Cloudleaf CEO, Mahesh Veerina

Cloudleaf CEO, Mahesh Veerina talks about the emergence of sensor technology and how Cloudleaf is standing out as an end-to-end solution. He also talks about deployment, scale, and where Cloudleaf is headed as a growing company. “We are solving a very important problem in this whole visibility and condition monitoring market. We are also doing it at an enterprise and carrier-grade scale. The world will be full of sensors and I see 2018 and 2019 as the inflection point. We will have millions if not billions installed. Therefore, the question is how you manage the sensor networks and extract...

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Deloitte-MHI Annual Industry Report: Cloudleaf Delivers Cold Chain Visibility Innovation

Cloudleaf 20180411-mhi-report

Cloudleaf was featured in the annual industry report by MHI and Deloitte, for its advances in cold chain visibility solutions. According to the report, supply chains of the future will be digital, connected, collaborative, always-on, transparent and driven by forward-looking analytics. The report highlights which areas of technology are providing the greatest areas of innovation as well as case studies to help illustrate them. Highlights from the report: “Cloud Computing is ranked as the highest category of adoption for next generation supply chain adoption, followed by Sensors and Automatic Identification.” “The attributes of NextGen supply chains stem from a...

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Cold Chain Visibility Unlocks Competitive Advantages


As consumer demands shape demands for more closely monitored goods in the food and beverage industry, suppliers gain a competitive edge and lower penalty costs with cold chain visibility. With continuous temperature, dwell time and condition monitoring, Cloudleaf is helping companies get ahead. From the article: “This uptick in consumer driven demand for premium products has put pressure on the food & beverage industry to deliver products sourced from across the map that are fresher, made from natural ingredients, and certified cruelty-free. Free from artificial preservatives, these products come with far shorter shelf lives and lower tolerance for prolonged...

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Blockchain & Cloudleaf


Alongside IoT and IIoT, another emerging technology beginning to demonstrate its potential to redefine next generation supply chain operations is blockchain. Most commonly associated with cryptocurrencies, blockchain (while in nascent stages), is actually a sophisticated record-keeping concept that solves for consistency, efficiency and transparency across distributed ledgers. Cloudleaf provides blockchain-agnostic APIs written at the cloud level to allow participation with any blockchain ledger. From the article: “The sheer volume of touch points in a typical global supply chain is revealing the fundamental weakness of the manual transaction processing approach. Paper-based record keeping is simply not designed to scale growth...

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Cloudleaf CEO On The Peggy Smedley Show: Common Supply Chain Challenges

Cloudleaf Connecting the Dots

Cloudleaf CEO, Mahesh Veerina discusses common challenges among supply chains of manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, distribution as well heavy capital industries and how removing silos helps companies consolidate resources for greater efficiency. Listen here or read the interview below. Peggy: My first guest today is a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur, technology executive and investor, with more than twenty-five years of experience. His work has spanned across various technology sectors, including silicon networking, telecom, security, mobile, internet, cloud, analytics, you name it, he’s got it. So please welcome, Mahesh Veerina, he’s president and CEO of Cloudleaf. Mahesh: Hi Peggy,...

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How Cloudleaf Helps Big Pharma Streamline For The Future


When it comes to tracking and monitoring an increasingly complex industry landscape, pharmaceutical supply chains pose intricate challenges to meet health and safety standards. Cloudleaf’s value-proposition represents a paradigm shift in enterprise-grade IoT adoption and usage across internal and 3rd partner facilities. By reducing IoT deployment from months to days and adoption costs to a tenth of typical IT system implementations, Cloudleaf is able to deliver immediate and sustained ROI. Highlights from the article: “Manufacturers have long known that when it comes to safety of their drugs and medical devices, errors can add up to more than law suits,...

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Flexible Micro Applications Replace Legacy Systems


Auto manufacturers have long been at the mercy of customized, in-house software and technology systems. With the advent of IoT, however, new possibilities are coming online as more cloud-based technology solutions can adapt across industry and company needs. Cloudleaf is a system that requires little more than an Internet connection to deploy for a variety of enterprise operations. Cloudleaf has built an integrated ‘mesh’ of IoT sensors, gateways and cloud applications designed to provide visibility over the location and condition of assets in the supply chain, with returnable automotive containers and stillages a prime use case. “Once such containers arrive...

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Leaders In IoT Provide Quick Time-To Value


In a field of bewildering expansion, IoT will begin to see the consolidation of platforms into clear leaders. One of the main defining factors, as the IoT technology space begins to contract, will be the ability to demonstrate immediate results for customers. Cloudleaf, for example, is easily deployable, where companies can quickly determine if it is the right technology solution for them. Article Highlights: “This summer, the number of IoT platforms surged to 450, according to IoT Analytics, up from 260 two years prior. But as 2017 draws to a close, the platform market seems frothy and fragmented, recalling...

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Holistic Supply Chain Management

Cloudleaf readwrite

Smart supply chains are increasingly being bolstered by end-to-end solutions that help link and create efficiencies across the entire system. Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric™ allows enterprises to take advantage of powerful cross-boundary visibility, real-time monitoring and granular control of the asset ecosystems across value-chains of people, processes and workflows. Automotive supply-chains are expanding both in scale and scope. Optimizing workflows several orders of separation up and down the chain isn’t easy. Cloudleaf’s technology helps plant managers to easily orchestrate the flow of inventory containers, sub-assemblies and high-value tools across global supply-chains. Highlights from the article: “Patrick Dixon, supply chain futurist...

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How Cloudleaf Is Connecting IoT To The Fog!


As Fog computing takes hold (replacing single, centralized cloud-computing with local and distributed computing centers), IoT solutions will have to adapt. The numbers for the Fog industry’s growth are compelling. Cloudleaf is well-positioned as a vertical solution, as highlighted in the article, “Why Fog Matters!” in the Fog World Congress (October 2017). From the article: “The worldwide Fog market will reach $18 billion by 2022 with largest segments in energy/utilities and transportation, followed by the healthcare and industrial markets. Fog computing will connect the cloud and edge devices and anything in between. Fog Computing is a horizontal, system-level architecture...

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