Cloudleaf Delivers Next-Gen Warehousing & Transportation with IoT


Cloud-based IoT applications are increasingly supporting supply chain operations across all categories, including warehouse & transportation management. A joint survey produced between MHI and Deloitte Consulting provides a glimpse at adoption rates and highlights eleven technologies for next generation supply chains. From the article: “Cloud computing ranks highest in terms of adoption, reaching a 57% adoption rate this year.” “Additionally, when asked about plans for five years from now, 91% of the more than 1,100 supply chain professionals surveyed say they will have introduced Cloud-based systems. That means it will soon be the rare company with supply chain operations...

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Cloudleaf Addresses Complexities Of Digitial Transformation


In a February 2018 report by 451 Research titled, “Cloudleaf’s Connectivity Devices and Cloud-Native Applications Aim to Make IIot a Breeze,” Christian Renaud and Jeremy Korn discuss how the ‘digital transformation’ of industrial networks has outpaced actual implementation, especially in brownfield environments. Highlights from the report: “The intertwined problems of interoperability, cost and security often prevent companies from realizing their industrial IoT (IIoT) plans. Cloudleaf seeks to address these entrenched complexities with its portfolio of cloud-connected gateways and sensors. The company’s comprehensive ‘edge-to-cloud’ offering allows industrial enterprises to quickly and cheaply upgrade their manufacturing and distribution processes, resulting in...

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