Disrupting IoT!

A scalable, cost-effective, IoT solution for asset tracking has been long overdue. In a manufacturing industry worth trillions of dollars, companies lose millions due to production line delays, inability to acquire asset metadata, and unproductive or displaced manpower. This can all be traced back to lack of visibility/insight into the handling process. Cloudleaf is here to change that.

We're Disrupting the IoT Status Quo

RFID tags, barcodes, and readers are a thing of the past. Spotty coverage and non-existent location fingerprint and condition data make legacy solutions fall short of the expectations of today’s supply chain environments.

Imagine a company’s warehouse site where a fleet of 50 trucks deliver every day. When the trucks show up, there is no organization at the drop-off docks making it time consuming and extremely difficult to locate an exact item for a specific production area. This is just one out of several problems supply chain and logistics managers face every day. Enterprises lose millions of dollars a year due to:

  • Lost productivity,

  • Reduced factory throughput,

  • Penalties due to regulations and non-compliance,

  • Excess inventories,

  • Product quality issues,

  • Misrouting of goods and reverse logistics, and

  • Delayed customer orders and associated penalties.

for every problem there is a solution

Cloudleaf offers Sensor Fabric™, a mesh of intelligent IoT sensors, endpoints, gateways, and cloud technologies. Our Sensor Fabric provides continuous real-time visibility into your supply chain. The Cloudleaf Gateway collects payloads from sensor tags and creates a secure stream messaging channel to the cloud. The sensor tags send location and contextual condition data (such as temperature, shock, vibration) to the gateway. This allows you to view real time metrics and view your asset inventory and condition not only at each site, but throughout the entire value chain. The Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric is highly extensible and tailed to fit your individual business needs. Previously cost-prohibitive options are now affordable, scalable solutions.

What’s Next

We are a small start-up with big goals. We’re excited about the technology and how it's enabling our customers to solve real-world problems in significantly less time, as compared to existing technologies. We are working hard to to bring you thoughtful content and information as it relates to the current business problems and Cloudleaf solutions.

Check out our Head of Marketing, Nitesh Arora’s interview on the Peggy Smedley’s Show.

Interested in a first-hand look of Cloudleaf’s Sensor Fabric and what it can do for your manufacturing operations?

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