eBook cover image - Creating a Resilient Supply Chain

Cloudleaf Publishes New eBook: Creating a Resilient Supply Chain

eBook cover: Creating a Resilient Supply ChainNavigating supply chain disruptions requires continuous visibility and intelligence within your supply chain, particularly in these times of escalating economic and healthcare turmoil. Cloudleaf wants to help, and we’ve done so by creating a new eBook called Creating a Resilient Supply Chain. Featuring wisdom from supply chain experts and corporate leaders, this eBook is filled with innovative methods, approaches and best practices for improving supply chain visibility in your organization.

We gathered information from the top experts in supply chain, including:

  • John Chambers, former Executive Chairman and CEO at Cisco Systems and current CEO of JC2 Ventures, talks about a supply chain crisis management playbook he developed for dealing with setbacks.
  • Tim Harden, an expert in all major supply chain functions stemming from leadership roles at Pacific Bell, SBC and AT&T, reveals lessons learned from dealing with the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that devasted local production in Japan.
  • Frank Jones, a global supply chain leader who served in key leadership roles at Intel and Unisys, stresses that it’s critical to start making fundamental changes now, starting with visibility.
  • Hau Lee, a professor at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, shares why agility is the competitive differentiator of word-class supply chains, and why having visibility into your supply chain gives you the ability to “sense” and “respond.”
  • Maria Nieradka, a healthcare industry professional with over 30 years of supply chain experience in customer service, maintains that life sciences companies would greatly benefit from end-to-end visibility in their supply chain.
  • Bill Read, an expert in supply chain who had leadership roles at Accenture and Capgemini, suggests that the biggest roadblock to supply chain visibility is thinking too small. Transforming a traditional supply chain involves planning, support, and talent.

Here’s a sneak peek into a few key insights from the eBook:

“A key part of any successful supply chain begins and ends with complete visibility of all your components and supplies, particularly your strategic ones.” – Tim Harden

“You want to have supply chain software and hardware solutions that are easy to implement, simple to maintain and interact with, and are flexible enough to work with other solutions such as ERP solutions and transportation management engines.” – Frank Jones

“Technologies such as the Cloudleaf platform, that enable you to get real-time, granular data providing complete visibility into your supply chain, along with smart contingency planning, are now required to deal with managing day-to-day business.” – Maria Nieradka

Cloudleaf is offering this eBook as a free download! Get your copy here.