Business Rules Engine

Model and configure your workflows and business processes as triggers and events, and elicit a variety of actions in real-time.

business rules

Model your workflows and business processes for asset lifecycle stages or states.

Define rules using a simple IFTT (if this then that) UI, leveraging attributes and parameters defined in the Sensor Fabric™ (like asset categories, parameters etc.).

Take actions like transformations, notifications, alerts, state change and/or integration via pub-sub model with existing enterprise or 3rd party applications.

1. ASSET utilization

Track and manage assets in real-time with time-sampling location and contextual metadata

2. Factory Operations

Manage factory operations, processes and workflows in real-time and operationalize IoT

3. Complex Assemblies

Take the headache out of managing complex Bill-of-Materials, across facilities and suppliers


Monitor environment and asset conditions, enabling fault management and ensuring product quality