Cloudleaf CEO On The Peggy Smedley Show: Common Supply Chain Challenges

Cloudleaf Connecting the Dots

Cloudleaf CEO, Mahesh Veerina discusses common challenges among supply chains of manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, distribution as well heavy capital industries and how removing silos helps companies consolidate resources for greater efficiency. Listen here or read the interview below. Peggy: My first guest today is a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur, technology executive and investor, with more than twenty-five years of experience. His work has spanned across various technology sectors, including silicon networking, telecom, security, mobile, internet, cloud, analytics, you name it, he’s got it. So please welcome, Mahesh Veerina, he’s president and CEO of Cloudleaf. Mahesh: Hi Peggy, thank you for having me. Peggy: We are delighted to have you. You guys have this great IoT powered system of asset tracking and workflow solutions called sensor fabric. I’m pretty aware of it, but for those who might not know what Cloudleaf is, why don’t you help our listeners understand what you do for the industrial IoT space. Mahesh: Sure, so Cloudleaf is a three-year-old company based out of Silicon Valley. One of our core innovations is what you referred to, the sensor fabric. To explain simply, our sensors go on your assets. We collect data in real-time as these […]

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