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Business Rules Engine––Model Your Workflows

Define rules, triggers, events & actions for all your business needs. Configure alerts that keep you aware of shortages, dwell times, idle tools, and other ways to optimize your supply chain. Model your workflows and business processes for asset lifecycle stages using a simple interface.

Customer Authoring Environment
  • If This Then That (IFTT) Domain Rules leveraging attributes and parameters can be defined in the Sensor Fabric™ (asset categories, parameters etc.).
  • Triggers, actions, recipes library––transformations, notifications, alerts, state change and/or integration via pub-sub model with existing enterprise or 3rd party applications.
Rules Engine Runtime Environment
  • Set alerts and notifications rules
  • Filter and publish insights
  • Stream events
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Applications––Targeted Insights

See your data come alive in graphics, dashboards and reports through Android & IOS Applications. Access key metrics, trends and notifications, while monitoring conditions and activity in real-time. Provide historical data quickly and easily for audit and compliance.

  • Location (map, asset, sub-asset)
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Custom values (water, seismic, temperature, etc.)
  • Historical data
  • Sensor health
  • Locate, move and update assets anywhere
  • Search and sense all nearby assets
  • Poll asset condition, status and inventory and geo-stamp position
  • Android & iOS supported
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APIs & SDK––Cloudleaf & 3rd Party APIs

Configure any device/s for Tenant (via REST API or MQTT). Quickly compose visual flows, build dashboards, attach notifications and deploy.

Cloudleaf SDK is built on Node-Red, provides API access to Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric™ as a Node-Red library. Node-Red offers a flow-based visual programming model and browser based, open source with strong node-red ecosystem in a completely extensible environment. An extensive set of third party libraries for UI & analytics is available.

Customer Authoring Environment
  • Site Hierarchy Meta Model – Complete details about a customer’s configured sites and areas/zones within sites
  • Asset Location and Condition – Access location and various condition data for an asset monitored by a sensor
  • Asset Inventory Metrics – Inventory metrics, like counts, dwell times, cycle times, for tagged assets
  • NOC View – Current view of sensors, gateways and zone sensors and corresponding tenancy
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