Transform Your Supply Chain with Cloudleaf & 7PSolutions’ Asset Monitoring Partnership

Cloudleaf Supply Chain Visibility Overview

What Cloudleaf Does

Cloudleaf has created an innovative SaaS continuous visibility and intelligence platform that provides Real-Time product-level data that enables better business outcomes across supply chain logistics, operations, and eco-systems.

Key Solution Features:

  • Monitor and Respond to Location, Temperature and Humidity Excursions in Real-Time
  • Device & System Agnostic Ecosystem for Improved Integration Capabilities
  • Prevent Production Slow-downs with Real-Time Location and Process Monitoring
  • Proactively Manage Product and Inventory with Business Rule Alerts to Avoid Excursions and Write Downs
  • Analyze Multidimensional Data Streams from Across an Entire Supply Chain Journey

What 7PSolutions Does

7PSolutions provides global Real-Time GPS monitoring and tracking solutions, including 24/7 monitoring, maintaining product integrity, inventory management, and cargo security with law enforcement escalation.

Key Solution Features:

  • Single solution for Real-Time data for air, land, sea, and rail, along with hardwired solutions for vehicles and facilities.  Real-Time & full coverage door-to-door
  • Integrated Compliance –  Allows customers to ensure they are compliant with global standards; Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Distribution Practices (GDP),  Transported Asset Protection Association, and The Food Safety Modernization Act 
  • LiveLink provides the ability to share an individual tracking device’s Real-Time tracking information with interested parties without requiring them to have access to the platform. 
  • Covert, tamper proof proves Real-Time alerts when conveyances are opened between origin and destination 
  • Real-Time GPS solutions with redundant GSM cell-tower ID tracking and global SIMs covering multiple bands and networks to ensure the best visibility possible
7PSolutions Capabilities

Cloudleaf & 7PSolutions Partnership Benefits

Together, Cloudleaf and 7PSolutions are providing organizations with the ability to make intelligent Real-Time decisions based on actual events as raw materials, components, and finished products move through their complex global supply chains. Decisions that can ensure schedules are maintained, the product remains viable, and customers updated to any changes in order status.

About Cloudleaf

Cloudleaf powers next-generation digital supply chains with insights from ground truth and Real-Time decision-making. Our SaaS platform leverages hyper-scale cloud, digital twin, AI/ML, and IoT technologies to deliver continuous visibility and intelligence. We enable business leaders to make the right decisions in Real-Time to increase revenues, avoid disruptions, deliver better business outcomes, improve customer satisfaction and increase sustainability.


About 7PSolutions

7PSolutions was founded in 2010 to provide Real-Time visibility to the global supply chain. Our independent reusable and disposable GPS devices are designed for use in all modes of global transportation. In addition, our unique hardwired solutions manage and monitor assets around the world. Solutions that enable our customers to make Real-Time decisions, enhance internal and external customers experience, increase productivity and reduce loss.


Cloudleaf’s In-Transit Tracking

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