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Cloudleaf Addresses Complexities Of Digitial Transformation

In a February 2018 report by 451 Research titled, “Cloudleaf’s Connectivity Devices and Cloud-Native Applications Aim to Make IIot a Breeze,” Christian Renaud and Jeremy Korn discuss how the ‘digital transformation’ of industrial networks has outpaced actual implementation, especially in brownfield environments.

Highlights from the report:

“The intertwined problems of interoperability, cost and security often prevent companies from realizing their industrial IoT (IIoT) plans. Cloudleaf seeks to address these entrenched complexities with its portfolio of cloud-connected gateways and sensors. The company’s comprehensive ‘edge-to-cloud’ offering allows industrial enterprises to quickly and cheaply upgrade their manufacturing and distribution processes, resulting in a ‘network mesh’ of connected devices that collect and aggregate data throughout the system.”

“Cloudleaf might be a young company, but it has a relatively mature product offering, having carved out a niche space for itself within the industrial IIoT sector where it doesn’t have to worry about partnering with OEMs. This strategy allows Cloudleaf a vendor-agnostic suite of products, which can be implemented in a variety of use cases, greatly expanding its potential customer base. Cloudleaf ’s sensors measure other environmental features other than location, giving administrators a more holistic and continuous view of their networks. In sum, if an industrial enterprise is looking to use IoT to update its existing supply chain, Cloudleaf seems to check all the boxes.”

Read the full report here.