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Cold Chain Visibility Unlocks Competitive Advantages

As consumer demands shape demands for more closely monitored goods in the food and beverage industry, suppliers gain a competitive edge and lower penalty costs with cold chain visibility. With continuous temperature, dwell time and condition monitoring, Cloudleaf is helping companies get ahead.

From the article:

“This uptick in consumer driven demand for premium products has put pressure on the food & beverage industry to deliver products sourced from across the map that are fresher, made from natural ingredients, and certified cruelty-free. Free from artificial preservatives, these products come with far shorter shelf lives and lower tolerance for prolonged exposure to varying environmental conditions of temperature, humidity, (ultraviolet) light, and elemental oxygen.”

“Industry stakeholders are experiencing increased regulations resulting from implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). These stakeholders include every participant in the cold chain including: growers, production mills, packagers & bottlers, import & custom authorities, distributors, shippers, and retailers.”

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