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CSafe Global Partners with Cloudleaf to Deliver Custom Digital Visibility Platform

CSafe Global, a leader in temperature-controlled container solutions for transporting life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, is developing a custom digital visibility platform to support both their Air Cargo track and trace technology as well as digital tracking for their Parcel and Cell & Gene packaging solutions.

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The synergies between CSafe and Cloudleaf are powerful and compelling. Together we will provide real-time visibility for life-saving products shipped everyday around the world in CSafe Air Cargo, Parcel and Cell and Gene products. This innovative solution will unleash tremendous value for our customers, and most importantly, ensure that patients receive the medications they need 100% of the time

— Tom Weir, COO of CSafe Global

A Closer Look: CSafe Global Case Study


CSafe has been implementing track and trace technology into their Air Cargo fleet of RKN and RAP containers for two years. As part of the initiative, they needed a partner who could deliver a digital visibility platform that could integrate multiple tracking devices into the system to offer full visibility to their customers.


Cloudleaf’s solution provides CSafe with a customized digital visibility platform that provides real-time visibility for life-saving products that are shipped around the world in CSafe Air Cargo, Parcel and Cell and Gene products. The platform will enable delivery of temperature-sensitive and life-enhancing products to patients in need.


CSafe has integrated 20 devices with the Cloudleaf platform and completed multiple pilot shipment tests to verify hardware feasibility and compare transmitted data to the container-recorded information. CSafe plans to partner with select pharmaceutical customers to conduct live user acceptance testing of the new platform before launching it in Q4 2020.

Customer: CSafe Global provides end-to-end thermal shipping solutions to the pharmaceutical and life science industries worldwide.

Critical Tracking Points: Air Cargo

CSafe’s Advanced Active Temperature-controlled Air Cargo Containers are tracked and traced.

Critical Tracking Points: Parcel

CSafe products that are shipped via CSafe Parcel solutions are tracked and traced.

Critical Tracking Points: Cell & Gene

CSafe’s Cell & Gene products are tracked and traced using Cloudleaf technology.

Summary of Tracking Needs

Cloudleaf Solution