Safe2Go™ Application
Data Sheet

Safe2Go Interface and Device

Re-start your business while keeping employees and customers safe and healthy

Cloudleaf Safe2Go is a software application that enables businesses to plan a safe and thoughtful return to work. Safe2Go is an easy to deploy, cost-effective, confidential temperature and location monitoring solution for social distancing and employee health as well as a mobile app. Safe2Go keeps both customers and employees safe by monitoring employee entry/exits and dwell times and as well as monitoring employees’ temperatures in real time in the workplace. The Safe2Go solution provides businesses with a COVID-19 Health & Safety dashboard, analytics, alerts, incident resolution features, and employee reference checks against contact-trace databases.

Continuous Visibility into Body Temperature and Location
  • Control tower views with dashboard, analytics, alerts, incident resolution
  • Dwell times, temperature excursions, proximity alerts
  • Improved accuracy in proximity/contact tracing
Protects Employee Privacy
  • Data received only within company specified locations (geo-fenced)
  • No PPI data is collected or saved in the platform
  • Data collected automatically and visible only in Health & Safety dashboard
Reduced Disruption to Operations and Improved Compliance
  • Easy employee onboarding
  • Fully automated — no compliance gaps from manual process failures
  • Easy to deploy
  • Lower health liabilities and risk to operations disruption
  • Frictionless, single touch deployment with wrist band, mobile
    app and cloud solution
  • Consolidated control tower gives real-time view across operation

Real-Time Temp and Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Real-time body temp, blood O2 and location monitoring during work hours

Reference Checks Against Contact-Trace Database

Integration with COVID-19 contact tracing databases where available

Custom, Real-Time Alerts to Organizations

Health & safety team control tower with dashboard, analytics, alerts, incident resolution

Safe Site Capacity Monitoring

Real-time alerts when safe site capacity is at risk or exceeded

Easy to Deploy, SaaS-Based

SaaS-based platform can be paired with a personal device such as a wristband, ring or badge

Manage by Exception

Receive real-time alerts when there is a temperature excursion or proximity issue

Single View and Dashboards

Single, integrated platform across your operations Dashboards showing geofences, dwell times, temp excursions and proximity alerts

Secure & Confidential

No PPI information retrieved or stored, all anonymous triggers

Mobile-Enabled Customer Apps/Alerts

Frictionless, single touch deployment with wrist band, mobile band, and cloud solution

Cloudleaf’s Safe2Go™ Solution Allows a Safe and Seamless Transition Back to Work

COVID-19 sensor band, paired with a mobile app continuously captures and sends body temperature data/location data to your dashboard