The Difference

Continuous Visibility and Intelligence,
Indoor and In-transit.

For too long, supply chains have been governed by rigid, siloed data. They’ve been limited by manual inputs, broken communications between functions and suppliers, and by using yesterday’s data to solve today’s problems.

Cloudleaf is different. Our modern, open platform provides unrivaled, continuous visibility and insight into your supply chain. By creating a digital twin of your supply chain, we make it possible for you to know where all your critical materials are at every step and stage, all the time. You know their condition and status, including temperature, humidity, vibration and acceleration – and when thresholds for each are out of variance. You have the right data, at the right time, to make the right decisions.

Ingest, Analyze and Harmonize Massive Data Streams

Your Single Source of Truth, Based on Real-time Insights

Bring Together Indoor and In-transit Seamlessly

Unleash the Power of Modern Technology

Future-proof Technology

Sensor Agnostic

See Beyond