Cloudleaf & SAP Leonardo Community Webinar


Profound shifts in consumer buying preferences and digitization of commerce are contributing to unprecedented demands for visibility and responsiveness in global supply chains. SAP, and Cloudleaf are joining forces to deliver a comprehensive, low-cost solution that provides tracking devices, connectivity, business application software, and device monitoring and support services. Together, we help customers deliver the right products as expected – from the supplier, to the manufacturing plant, to the warehouse, and, ultimately, to the store floor.

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Cloudleaf Panel Discussion at ECC with McKinsey, Chevron and SPS


Reinventing Construction: Practical Steps to Improve Productivity And Predictability U.S. construction productivity is far behind other industries and dramatic improvement will require owners and contractors to move together to new ways of working. Cloudleaf Panel Discussion at ECC with McKinsey, Chevron and SPS will bring leaders together to examine the root causes of poor productivity growth in the construction industry, explore practical ways to improve the situation, and discuss the beginnings of a shift toward a system of more productivity through variability reduction, improved resource allocation, and inventory reduction. Panel for this session: Matt Parsons, McKinsey & Co. (Moderator)...

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Cloudleaf Sensor Network and Securing the IoT GRID

cloudleaf-Readwrite IoT Revo featured

Mahesh Veerina, Cloudleaf President and CEO speaking on Securing the IoT Grid at the ReadWrite IoT Revolution Panel, at Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. IoT criminals stretch from Superpowers to “kids on a mission”. How are we going to protect the grid so your devices won’t “Maximum Overload” Stephen King style. These are the heros of the front line preventing an “Equifax” of the industry. Keynote Panelist – Jay Nath, City of San Francisco Venture Capital – Abhishek Shukla, Software Investments at GE Ventures

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Cloudleaf, Proud Sponsor of Culture Shifting Weekend NYC

cloudleaf-NY City featured

Cloudleaf is proud to sponsor Culture Shifting Weekend NYC on November 3 and 4th 2017. Connect with Mahesh Veerina, David Parker and Cloudleaf Investors, and explore how our innovative technology is solving real-world challenges for enterprise supply chains. Cloudleaf is proud to sponsor the 8th Annual Culture Shifting Weekend NYC. This year’s event theme is, “Advancing Capital to Black Venture Capitalists”. Culture Shifting: A Weekend of Technology, Innovation & Social Impact is the annual invite- only bicoastal event that takes place in Silicon Valley (CA) and the Silicon Alley (NYC). It’s produced by the management consulting firm Culture Shift Labs. The...

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Cloudleaf Chief Revenue Officer, David Parker Speaks at IoT Summit in Chicago

Cloudleaf IoT Summit Chicago thumbnail

Please join David Parker, our Chief Revenue Officer, who will be participating on a panel, with other industry leaders, to discuss “The Role of Data Ownership & Governance in IoT”. Data Ownership & Governance in IoT is becoming a hot-button topic and as yet, there is no real consensus on IoT data ownership, let alone, a schema to determine how ownership might be assigned or properly licensed. In the Western World, it is generally assumed that data ownership falls to owners of those devices that generated data (MGD). But things get a little murky if we consider emerging economies...

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Cloudleaf Kicks Off IoT Enterprise Implementation Summit Forum, Hosted By IoT Evolution at MWC Americas

Cloudleaf MWC Americas featured

Cloudleaf will be kicking-off the summit with an informative presentation on how our Sensor Fabric™ is enabling the Digital Transformation and helping enterprises orchestrate complex distributed ecosystems of assets and processes. Come join us at MWC Americas in San Francisco and hear how we enable Monitoring and Optimizing Cross-Boundary Industrial IoT Operations.

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