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Cloudleaf presenting on a panel at ECC with McKinsey, Chevron and SPS

  • Boca Raton Resort 501 E Camino Real Boca Raton, FL 33432 USA (map)

Reinventing Construction: Practical Steps to Improve Productivity And Predictability


U.S. construction productivity is far behind other industries, and dramatic improvement will require owners and contractors to move together to new ways of working. This session will bring leaders together to examine the root causes of poor productivity growth in the construction industry, explore practical ways to improve the situation, and discuss the beginnings of a shift toward a system of more productivity through variability reduction, improved resource allocation, and inventory reduction. The discussion will explore how a more holistic project operating system that addresses management, technical systems, and mindsets and behaviors can drive a step change in predictability, productivity and performance. 

Panel for this session:

  • Matt Parsons, McKinsey & Co. (Moderator)

  • Wayne Crabtree, Chevron PRC

  • David Parker, CRO - Cloudleaf

  • Todd Zabelle, Strategic Project Solutions

  • Glenn Ballard, Univ of California

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