Designing the Supply Chain for a COVID-19 Vaccine: A Global Perspective

Nov 4
Event Description

The Journal of Operations Management and the Association for Supply Chain Management hosted a panel to discuss the unique supply chain issues that will affect both the COVID-19 vaccine supply as well as worldwide delivery. The discussion featured an amazing lineup of panelists, including:

  • Mahesh Vereena, CEO of Cloudleaf and member of the Consortium for COVID-19 Countermeasures that is advising the US government on Operation Warp Speed
  • Alex de Jonquières, Chief of Staff at Gavi (the Vaccine Alliance)
  • Scott Duke Kominers, Associate Professor, Harvard Business School
  • Xiande Zhao, Professor, CEIBS, and co-guest-editor of the special issue
  • Xiang Li, Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and co-guest-editor of the special issue

Chris Voss, Professor, London Business School and Warwick, and co-guest-editor of the special issue

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