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How Cloudleaf Is Connecting IoT To The Fog!

As Fog computing takes hold (replacing single, centralized cloud-computing with local and distributed computing centers), IoT solutions will have to adapt. The numbers for the Fog industry’s growth are compelling. Cloudleaf is well-positioned as a vertical solution, as highlighted in the article, “Why Fog Matters!” in the Fog World Congress (October 2017).

From the article:

“The worldwide Fog market will reach $18 billion by 2022 with largest segments in energy/utilities and transportation, followed by the healthcare and industrial markets.

Fog computing will connect the cloud and edge devices and anything in between. Fog Computing is a horizontal, system-level architecture that distributes computing, storage, control and networking functions closer to the users along a cloud-to-thing continuum.

The value proposition of IoT and Fog is very broad. It seems the positive impact on the number of industry is limitless. Opportunities cover both vertical and horizontal applications.”

Read the full article here.