Cloudleaf’s solution stack enables automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies, to harness the true value of IoT in the shortest amount of time. Our Sensor Fabric (purpose-built patented sensors and gateways), enables quick data collection in real time from raw materials, assets and finished goods.

Combine that with a business rules engine, you now have a way to define your business processes.

However, it does not end there, once you are deployed with our fabric, you have out of the box applications that help you solve real-world problems in real-time, with complete end-to-end coverage – Indoor, Outdoor and In-transit.

Some of the problems we solve:


"Through our partnership with CloudLeaf, we are enabling global leading energy, industrial and mining companies to deliver complex and critical projects faster and at lower cost. Unlike conventional approaches that rely on human based data capture of information, integrating CloudLeaf’s location based sensing technology with our Project Production Control Solutions, provides our customers with true end-to-end control of the intricate supply networks associated with the delivery of today’s capital projects."

--Todd R. Zabelle, Founder & CEO of SPS


"We are excited about our growing partnership with Cloudleaf. By providing real time asset tracking and analytics, we are able to identify improvement opportunities in our logistics and materials management. We believe Cloudleaf offers a scalable and cost effective way to help us improve performance in multiple areas of our business."



1. Asset Utilization

Track and manage assets in real-time with time-sampling location and contextual metadata

2. Factory Operations

Manage factory operations, processes and workflows in real-time and operationalize IoT

3. Complex Assemblies

Take the headache out of managing complex Bill-of-Materials, across facilities and suppliers


Monitor environment and asset conditions, enabling fault management and ensuring product quality