Cloudleaf 20180411-mhi-report
Supply Chain Visibility   |  5 min read

Deloitte-MHI Annual Industry Report: Cloudleaf Delivers Cold Chain Visibility Innovation

Cloudleaf was featured in the annual industry report by MHI and Deloitte, for its advances in cold chain visibility solutions. According to the report, supply chains of the future will be digital, connected, collaborative, always-on, transparent and driven by forward-looking analytics. The report highlights which areas of technology are providing the greatest areas of innovation as well as case studies to help illustrate them.

Highlights from the report:

“Cloud Computing is ranked as the highest category of adoption for next generation supply chain adoption, followed by Sensors and Automatic Identification.”

“The attributes of NextGen supply chains stem from a mix of different technologies, innovations, and process improvements, many of which are front and center in our survey: Robotics and Automation, Predictive Analytics, Internet-of-Things (IoT)/Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, Driverless Vehicles and Drone.”

“The time is now to think big, but start small and act fast. You don’t need to invest a lot to start testing these technologies.” – Scott Sopher, Principal and Leader of the Global Supply Chain Practice, Deloitte Consulting LLP

View the full report here.