May 8, 2018

Cool Networking Vendors – 2018 Edition

“We just published our 2018 Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking research. This year, Bill Menezes led the document and these vendors solve networking challenges in new and innovative ways..."

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modern materials handling talks about the 2018 mhi report 

April 20, 2018

Modex technology watch: Some use of Cloud solutions now the norm

“The 2018 MHI Annual Industry Report released last week at Modex has many interesting findings from the survey it’s based on, including the adoption rate for Cloud solutions. That data point, as well as solutions evident on the show floor, point to how Cloud solutions increasingly are part of user strategies for deploying supply chain applications."

CLOUDLEAF FEATURED ON 2018 MHI Annual INdustry report

April 11, 2018

Cold Chain Visibility with Sensors and Internet of Things

“Cloudleaf delivers complete visibility and end-to-end, continuous monitoring — 24 hours a day, seven days a week for Pharmaceutical companies. In addition to the visibility solution, Cloudleaf establishes access to data such as inventory dwell times, aging reports, and cycle time metrics to enable proactive monitoring and continuous improvement initiatives."

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March 12, 2018

Blockchain is the New Supply Chain

“Global competitive markets are eclipsing local economies and jurisdictions by forcing supply chain ecosystems to evolve. Enterprises are following suit and digitally transforming their businesses in order to broaden their reach on the world-stage."


March 12, 2018

Cold Chain Visibility is Unlocking Competitive Advantage 

“The world is getting smaller and in this digital age of information and online services, consumers are traveling further abroad and experiencing new exotic cultures, foods, and ingredients."

451 Analyst coverage on CLOUDLEAF

February 22, 2018

Cloudleaf’s connectivity devices and cloud-native applications aim to make IIoT a breeze 

“Cloudleaf might be a young company, but it has a relatively mature product offering. A brownfield environment represents one of the more complex challenges for IIoT implementation, but Cloudleaf seeks to make the digital transformation of these systems seamless and cost-effective."

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January 31, 2018

Data, dashboards and decisions

“For us, the success of an IoT implementation is measured, not by the number of sensors or cloud analytics apps, but by the degree to which it provides sustainable and measurable value to society, the environment and on the bottom line.”

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January 24, 2018

Streamlining pharmaceutical manufacturing operations and workflows

External market forces are exerting more and more pressure on manufacturers to scale growth while maintaining mandated safety standards. But what are these external market forces and how do they complicate matters for manufacturers in the healthcare vertical?

Cloudleaf Featured on AUTOMOtive logistics magazine

January 02, 2018

Straight from the cloud

Cloudleaf has gained an impressive customer base so quickly. Holding over 40 patents, the company has built an integrated ‘mesh’ of IoT sensors, gateways and cloud applications designed to provide visibility into the location and condition of assets in the supply chain.

Cloudleaf Featured on IoT Institute

December 18, 2017


Why the Internet of Things platform market is looking frothy

This summer, the number of IoT platforms surged to 450, according to IoT Analytics, up from 260 two years prior. Cloudleaf's Nitesh Arora discusses the trends and customer expectations of #IndustrialIoT with Brian K. Buntz from the IoT Institute.

Cloudleaf Featured on Readwrite

November 13, 2017

Smart-enabling each link in a Next-Gen supply chain

Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric helps plant managers to easily orchestrate the flow of inventory containers, sub-assemblies and high-value tools across global supply-chains.

Cloudleaf Featured on IoT-Now

November 07, 2017

Building cross-boundary collaborative solutions for next-gen IoT-enabled operations

Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric is an IoT enabled ecosystem that offers enterprises holistic end-to-end solution for monitoring, managing, and optimizing their complex distributed-asset ecosystems across internal and 3rd partner facilities. 

Cloudleaf Featured in rtc Magazine during fogworld congress

October 30, 2017

Cloudleaf's Sensor Data Platform connects millions of assets

Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric connects millions of assets and provides continuous realtime visibility into location, condition and workflows. Besides tracking location, interconnection among mobile/IoT devices, Fog Nodes and Cloud servers are creating a multi-tier pervasive communication-computing infrastructure that will one day embody billions of devices and span across elaborate hierarchies of administration and application domains.


September 19, 2017

"Cloudleaf Secures $13 Million Series A Funding from Leading Investors for its Enterprise IoT Solutions"

Cloudleaf's Patented IoT Sensor Fabric™ Brings Complex Enterprise Operations to Life with Location and Context Aware Visibility