Cloudleaf SDCE Blockchain is the New Supply Chain featured

Blockchain is the New Supply Chain

Global competitive markets are eclipsing local economies and jurisdictions by forcing supply chain ecosystems to evolve. Enterprises are following suit and digitally transforming their businesses in order to broaden their reach on the world-stage. Blockchain is more than a technology but a movement that is transforming how transactions are processed. It is also rapidly gaining momentum outside technology circles and fueling innovation in next-gen supply chain systems. At the basic level, blockchain is a digital technology for securely recording, storing, and verifying transactions. Cloudleaf embraces this blockchain movement with interoperable mobile technologies to provide out-of-the-box value. Cloudleaf’s Sensor Fabric™ focuses on solving transactional workflow bottlenecks through a mesh of sensors and gateways that sync OT data with user-friendly cloud systems.

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