Cloudleaf Visibility Index™ to Serve as a Digital Gauge For Enterprise Supply Chains

San Francisco 05/14/2019 – Cloudleaf, Inc., an emerging leader in digital supply chain solutions, today introduced the Cloudleaf Visibility Index™, a real-time digital gauge of supply chain visibility, thereby enabling companies to improve efficiency and responsiveness of their enterprise supply chains.

The Cloudleaf Visibility Index™ captures real-time product flow data within and between facilities. Cloudleaf estimates that most enterprises have only 20% visibility into their supply chains, as opposed to the 70-90% level needed to address key points of volatility where revenue and costs are at risk.

The company’s cloud-based solutions pull data from the Edge to ensure a 70%-90% Cloudleaf Visibility Index™ target is achieved. The dramatically greater visibility empowers supply chain managers to make rapid improvements in anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and a host of other areas that enhance reliability.

The technology innovator introduced the Cloudleaf Visibility Index™ during the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix, the world’s pre-eminent gathering of supply-chain professionals. Cloudleaf Chief Executive Officer Mahesh Veerina maintained that the new gauge may serve as a benchmark for supply chains in all industries.

The Cloudleaf Visibility Index™ is defined as the number of points in the end-to-end supply chain where product location and condition data are captured in real time as a percentage of the total number of opportunities where data could be captured. The Index is detailed in a White Paper issued today by Cloudleaf. The White Paper, entitled, What is the Visibility Index of Your Supply Chain?, is available at

The genesis of the index came from the company’s customers, said Mr. Veerina.

“Cloudleaf solutions emit hundreds of millions of data points per day, and this sheer volume of data exposes countless visibility gaps in our customers’ supply chains,” said Cloudleaf Chief Executive Officer Mahesh Veerina.  “Our customers consistently tell us that our typical 3x to 5x improvement in supply-chain visibility results in increased revenues and decreased costs that are measurable, often totaling tens of millions of dollars.”

The innovative approach also drew praise from one of the world’s leading supply-chain experts, Professor Hau L. Lee, the Thoma Professor of Operations, Information and Technology at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

“Today’s always-on IoT sensing capabilities can deliver enormous value, but only if companies make sense out of what they sense,” Professor Lee said. “Turning vast quantities of data into useful intelligence is a multi-faceted challenge. The Cloudleaf solution is now a supply chain-specific application set designed to do that. They draw on an IoT sensor network to deliver visibility in the context of the end-to-end supply chain. Selecting and instrumenting key points to feed into such a system enables sensible sensing.”