Cloudleaf’s 451 Research connectivity featured

Cloudleaf’s Connectivity Devices and Cloud-Native Apps Make IIoT a Breeze

Cloudleaf’s connectivity devices and cloud-native applications aim to make IIoT a breeze. The company’s portfolio of sensors, gateways, cloud technologies and purpose-built applications are designed to allow industrial enterprises to easily implement an IoT network to monitor supply chains.

Talk of the ‘digital transformation’ of industrial networks has outpaced actual implementation, especially in brownfield environments. The intertwined problems of interoperability, cost and security often prevent companies from realizing their industrial IoT (IIoT) plans. Cloudleaf seeks to address these entrenched complexities with its portfolio of cloud-connected gateways and sensors. The company’s comprehensive ‘edge-to-cloud’ offering allows industrial enterprises to quickly and cheaply upgrade their manufacturing and distribution processes, resulting in a ‘network mesh’ of connected devices that collect and aggregate data throughout the system.

Cloudleaf might be a young company, but it has a relatively mature product offering. A brownfield environment represents one of the more complex challenges for IIoT implementation, but Cloudleaf seeks to make the digital transformation of these systems seamless and cost-effective. Its portfolio of sensors and gateways can be deployed in any standard supply chain, allowing administrators to both monitor processes and gain insight into the operational efficiency of the entire system. And with its suite of security measures, Cloudleaf has preempted a typical obstacle to IIoT implementation. In sum, if an industrial enterprise is looking to use IoT to update its existing supply chain, Cloudleaf seems to check all the boxes.

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