Improving Visibility—In the cloud


Cloudleaf’s Head of Marketing, Nitesh Arora, talks to Victoria Kickham from DC Velocity on how “Cloud-based asset-tracking solutions are giving organizations a better view into their supply chains—and helping them improve productivity and efficiency inside, outside, and on the road.”

Cloud-based asset-tracking solutions are giving businesses a clearer view into their supply chains—and the ability to react more quickly to changes and make better decisions on everything from fleet management to quality and compliance monitoring. Compared with manual processes or traditional on-premise solutions, cloud-based solutions make it easier to access, aggregate, and analyze data. For one thing, their ability to gather data across multiple locations and analyze it in real time (or near-real time) speeds up the entire process, eliminating the need for cumbersome steps and complex system integrations that slow down the flow of information—and feeding users’ desire for easier, faster access to information.

“Ubiquitous connectivity and users asking for information in real time at their fingertips has led to this revolution in cloud computing,” says Nitesh Arora, head of marketing for Milpitas, Calif.-based Cloudleaf, which offers asset-tracking solutions that utilize edge computing (where analytics and data gathering take place at the data source) and the cloud.

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