Cloudleaf Manufacturing Connection

Intelligent Sensor Grid Powering Digitized Commerce at the Edge

Cloudleaf’s CEO, Mahesh Veerina, talks to Gary Mintchell from “The Manufacturing Connection” on the two paradigm shifts that are transforming commerce.

Successful digitalization requires data. Data, in turn, originates often from sensors. The Industrial Internet of Things runs on this data providing a valuable use case of tying a manufacturing enterprise together from supply chain through customer experience. Mahesh Veerina, CEO of Cloudleaf, walked me through an application based on his company’s technology that indeed ties a supply chain in the pharma industry together. Start with sensors on approximately 5,000 pallets. Each meshes via sub-MHz unlicensed radios through 30 intelligent gateways reporting 16 million data points.

Cloudleaf’s SaaS software gathers the data, performs the analytics, then feeds custom dashboards for different roles at the customer’s company. Oh, and continuous learning through Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates a virtuous cycle that constantly improves the system. The return on investment (ROI)? Estimated at between $70 million and $100 million. Cloudleaf has announced the next generation of its patented Sensor Fabric, the IoT-at-scale solution that optimizes management of distributed assets throughout any enterprise value chain.

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