Cloudleaf IoT Evolution Health

Streamlining Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations and Workflows

Whether filling a prescription, cracking open a bottle of over–the-counter pain-killers or receiving drugs through an IV infusion, anything less than 100% is simply unacceptable. Manufacturers have long known that when it comes to safety of their drugs and medical devices, errors can add up to more than law suits, damage to the brand or lost profits, but pose significant risks to health and life. As a hedge against risk, pharmaceutical and medical device makers have invested billions in process automation and IT systems in order to streamline their manufacturing processes and ensure the efficacy and safety of their product-lines. However, these systems are primarily designed to support the needs of enterprise business processes, information flows, reporting, and data analytics. They do little in the way to streamline operational workflows across various R&D, clinical trials, manufacturing, approval and marketing phases. Long term, this lack of operational visibility can lead to compromised output quality, increased risk, and lower TCO.

Cloudleaf is an end-to-end cloud solution for monitoring, managing and optimizing complex distributed-asset ecosystems. Cloudleaf’s value-proposition represents a paradigm shift in enterprise-grade IoT adoption and usage across internal and 3rd partner facilities. By reducing IoT deployment from months to days and adoption costs to a tenth of typical IT system implementations, Cloudleaf is able to deliver immediate and sustained ROI.

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