Supply Chain Visibility Solution Launched by Start-Up


End-to-end visibility remains elusive across the electronics supply chain as few solutions tick all the boxes for any complex organization. However, AI, IoT, the cloud and other technologies continue to drive advancement toward this goal.

Intel Capital and WRVI Capital are among investors in CloudLeaf Inc., which recently launched its Digital Visibility Platform. The solution combines IoT, AI/ML and advanced analytics to provide comprehensive, real-time, end-to-end insights into supply chain operations — from suppliers, through production and distribution, to customers.

The system uses sensors, edge intelligence and predictive cloud applications to create the “Visible Supply Chain.” The platform’s technology enables supply chain diagnostics and predictive insights which include location, environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity and shock), utilization and anomaly detection.

Cloudleaf’s platform is currently being used by a biotech company to manage its blood-plasma supply chain, according to CEO Mahesh Veerina. Plasma is perishable and is regulated for safety by the Food and Drug Administration.

Plasma is processed at more than 80 donation centers around the U.S. and is sent to a central facility where the plasma is sorted, tested and frozen as soon as possible, Veerina explained. The loading dock is not refrigerated, so plasma must move quickly. If plasma sits too long, it could reach a temperature that renders it unsafe.

Sensors monitor the location and temperature of plasma containers; data is sent to the cloud; and users are alerted to plasma that’s approaching an unsafe temperature. The plasma processing facility saves millions of dollars through avoiding spoilage; and the data tracked is used to demonstrate compliance to FDA regulations.

The Digital Visibility Platform works with existing systems, such as SAP, to connect and distribute data to logistics providers; transportation and materials management; and other critical partners. Sensors allow continual real-time data streaming. The solution requires limited technology infrastructure and low capital expenditure and can be deployed across the operation rapidly.

Cloudleaf customers achieve improvements in supply chain visibility of as much as 5x; first-year return-on-investment of as much as 70x; and annualized value in the tens of millions of dollars, according to Veerina.

BluePointe Ventures, Bold Capital Partners, Mahindra Partners and Tandem Capital also participated in the latest round of funding. The financing brings Cloudleaf’s total institutional funding to $39 million.

Cloudleaf will utilize the capital to power the rapid expansion of its addressable markets, geographic footprint and enterprise customer base. The company is serving increasing numbers of global leaders in pharmaceutical and life sciences, food and beverage, advanced manufacturing and other industries.

“We are extremely gratified that some of the industry’s most esteemed investors are helping Cloudleaf convert our technology leadership into market leadership,” said Veerina. “Cloudleaf’s goal is to establish nothing less than a new industry standard for actionable visibility in a broad spectrum of enterprise supply chains.”

A white paper entitled “What is the Visibility Index of Your Supply Chain?” is available through Cloudleaf at

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