Warehouse Drones Still Face Limitations

Supply Chain Dive - Move over delivery drones, warehouse drones are ready for the spotlight

Some companies have locally inadequate inventory management, and they have latched onto the idea that flying a drone up and down the aisles every night would solve their problem, he said. "But you really should start by looking at what's causing these problems, whether the staff is putting inventory where they're supposed to put it. Fix those problems, and then you're not going to need the drone.

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Blockchain is the New Supply Chain

Cloudleaf SDCE Blockchain is the New Supply Chain featured

At the basic level, blockchain is a digital technology for securely recording, storing, and verifying transactions. Cloudleaf is embracing the blockchain movement with interoperable mobile technologies to provide out-of-the-box value. Cloudleaf’s Sensor Fabric™ focuses on solving transactional workflow bottlenecks through a mesh of sensors and gateways that sync OT data with user-friendly cloud systems. 

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Cloudleaf’s Connectivity Devices and Cloud-Native Apps Make IIoT a Breeze

Cloudleaf’s 451 Research connectivity featured

Cloudleaf’s connectivity devices and cloud-native applications aim to make IIoT a breeze. The company’s portfolio of sensors, gateways, cloud technologies and purpose-built applications are designed to allow industrial enterprises to easily implement an IoT network to monitor supply chains.

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Logistics IT: Is There an App for That?

Cloudleaf Automotive Logistics Straight from the cloud featured

Automotive manufacturers, traditionally bound to legacy mainframe systems, are increasingly finding that for innovative logistics improvements, the answer is often ‘yes’. California-based Cloudleaf, a startup founded in 2014, is a vendor aiming to capitalize on the demand for IoT and Cloud. Holding over 40 patents, the company has built an integrated ‘mesh’ of IoT sensors, gateways and cloud applications designed to provide visibility over the location and condition of assets in the supply chain, with returnable automotive containers and stillages a prime use case.

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Smart-Enabling Each Link in a Next-Gen Supply Chain

Cloudleaf Readwrite Smart-Enabling featured

Enterprises are moving away from reactive, forecast-dependent supply-chains. Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric allows enterprises to take advantage of powerful cross-boundary visibility, real-time monitoring and granular control of the asset ecosystems across value-chains of people, processes and workflows.

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Cloudleaf Secures $13 Million Series A Funding from Leading Investors for its Enterprise IoT Solutions

Cloudleaf Secures 13 Million featured

Cloudleaf, a Silicon Valley Enterprise IoT startup, announced today that it has secured $13 Million Series A funding. Cloudleaf’s technology has the potential to be a critical game-changer in the enterprise IoT space, especially when it comes to extracting operational efficiencies in today’s complex value-chains. It’s a massive market opportunity and we strongly believe in the seasoned management and technology team, with their years of industry expertise, to build a highly scalable business.

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