Cloudleaf Is an “Innovation Leader” Finalist in the Automotive Logistics Awards

Cloudleaf Is a Finalist in the Automotive Logistics "Innovation Leader” Awards

This award recognizes the change-agents and companies who are not afraid to try something new, encourage others and make sure their organizations, customers and partners remain open to new ideas, systems, technology and partnerships. Cloudleaf aims to transform supply chain visibility and optimization for enterprises by capturing real-time data from operations using a novel, patented approach that employs sensor, mobile, cloud and machine learning technologies.

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Cold Chain Visibility with Sensors and Internet of Things

Cold Chain Visibility with Sensors featured

See how Cloudleaf's patented technology is enabling Cold Chain Visibility with Sensors and Internet of Things. In an increasingly digital world, supply chains are the backbone of an information ecosystem in which a connected and carefully coordinated set of movements and actions must be tracked at every level in order to maximize efficiency and meet customer demands for increased flexibility, visibility, and transparency.

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Blockchain is the New Supply Chain

At the basic level, blockchain is a digital technology for securely recording, storing, and verifying transactions. Cloudleaf is embracing the blockchain movement with interoperable mobile technologies to provide out-of-the-box value. Cloudleaf’s Sensor Fabric™ focuses on solving transactional workflow bottlenecks through a mesh of sensors and gateways that sync OT data with user-friendly cloud systems. 

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Cold Chain Visibility is Unlocking Competitive Advantage

The world is getting smaller and in this digital age of information and online services, consumers are traveling further abroad and experiencing new exotic cultures, foods, and ingredients. Cloudleaf is an IIoT solution for monitoring, managing and monetizing distributed-asset ecosystems across cold chains in the food & beverage industry. Cloudleaf’s value-proposition embodies the paradigm shift in IoT adoption and usage across internal and third party facilities to effectively sync up the chain from end-to-end.

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Cloudleaf’s Connectivity Devices and Cloud-Native Apps Make IIoT a Breeze

Cloudleaf’s 451 Research connectivity featured

Cloudleaf’s connectivity devices and cloud-native applications aim to make IIoT a breeze. The company’s portfolio of sensors, gateways, cloud technologies and purpose-built applications are designed to allow industrial enterprises to easily implement an IoT network to monitor supply chains.

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Data, Dashboards and Decisions

Enterprises look to monitor, manage and optimize the IoT ecosystem. Nitesh Arora, the head of marketing at Cloudleaf, reveals the benefits of the divide and conquer approach to digitally transforming complex enterprise operations. “For us, the success of an IoT implementation is measured, not by the number of sensors or cloud analytics apps, but by the degree to which it provides sustainable and measurable value to society, the environment and on the bottom line.”

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Logistics IT: Is There an App for That?

Automotive manufacturers, traditionally bound to legacy mainframe systems, are increasingly finding that for innovative logistics improvements, the answer is often ‘yes’. California-based Cloudleaf, a startup founded in 2014, is a vendor aiming to capitalize on the demand for IoT and Cloud. Holding over 40 patents, the company has built an integrated ‘mesh’ of IoT sensors, gateways and cloud applications designed to provide visibility over the location and condition of assets in the supply chain, with returnable automotive containers and stillages a prime use case.

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Why the Internet of Things Platform Market is Looking Frothy

Cloudleaf Why the Internet of Things featured

Making sense of the Internet of Things platform market can be a daunting task, given the sheer number of offerings available. This summer, the number of IoT platforms surged to 450, according to IoT Analytics, up from 260 two years prior. Cloudleaf, is not just another "IoT Platform". Cloudleaf is an end-to-end solution with intelligent sensors, gateways and cloud applications which deliver quick-time to value for Fortune 500 companies.

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Smart-Enabling Each Link in a Next-Gen Supply Chain

Enterprises are moving away from reactive, forecast-dependent supply-chains. Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric allows enterprises to take advantage of powerful cross-boundary visibility, real-time monitoring and granular control of the asset ecosystems across value-chains of people, processes and workflows.

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Building Cross-Boundary Collaborative Solutions for Next-Gen IoT-Enabled Operations

Enterprises are increasingly looking for industrial IoT solutions that solve a specific set of operational challenges but not in a vacuum. Cloudleaf's technology delivers a holistic end-to-end solution unlocking true cross-boundary asset and workflow management across internal and 3rd partner facilities.

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Cloudleaf Sensor Data Platform Connects Millions of Assets

Cloudleaf's Sensor Data FogWorld featured

Cloudleaf Sensor Data Platform connects millions of assets and provides continuous real-time visibility into location, condition and workflows. Besides tracking location, interconnection among mobile/IoT devices, Fog Nodes and Cloud servers are creating a multi-tier pervasive communication-computing infrastructure that will one day embody billions of devices and span across elaborate hierarchies of administration and application domains.

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