Cold Chain Visibility with Sensors and Internet of Things

Cold Chain Visibility with Sensors featured

See how Cloudleaf's patented technology is enabling Cold Chain Visibility with Sensors and Internet of Things. In an increasingly digital world, supply chains are the backbone of an information ecosystem in which a connected and carefully coordinated set of movements and actions must be tracked at every level in order to maximize efficiency and meet customer demands for increased flexibility, visibility, and transparency.

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IIoT’s Impact on Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Cloudleaf Frost & Sullivan IIoT's

The introduction of digitization in pharmaceutical manufacturing will also be instrumental in enabling a seamless data exchange across the pharmaceutical supply chain. The connectivity of product, people and process is what constitutes the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Manufacturing will undoubtedly be the biggest beneficiary of IIoT. Thus, industries such as pharma and healthcare will certainly stand a good chance to continue to benefit from IIoT.

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Streamlining Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations and Workflows

Cloudleaf IoT Evolution Health

Whether filling a prescription, cracking open a bottle of over–the-counter pain-killers or receiving drugs through an IV infusion, anything less than 100% is simply unacceptable. Manufacturers have long known that when it comes to safety of their drugs and medical devices, errors can add up to more than law suits, damage to the brand or lost profits, but pose significant risks to health and life.

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Pharma Industrial Internet: The Quest for Digital Transformation

Cloudleaf Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

How the Pharma Industrial Internet can positively impact your label production process with Cloudleaf intelligent IoT sensors, gateways and cloud applications? Many pharmaceutical industry analysts have pointed to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Pharma Industrial Internet as the keys to providing the transparency and traceability to meet the ever-expanding array of serialization requirements

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