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Cloudleaf recognizes that the ability of companies to achieve true end-to-end digital transformation relies on continuous, real-time information about the physical state of the supply chain at any moment in time. Our data-driven Digital Visibility Platform supports more than 400 APIs to connect to any sensor and is fast and simple to integrate with and enhance legacy ERP systems. The Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric™ manages all your IoT device health. Purpose-build applications provide the data you need, anywhere, anytime.

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Cloudleaf Digital Visibility Platform

The Cloudleaf Digital Visibility Platform unleashes the power of modern technologies, including IoT, advanced analytics and AI/ML. Using continuous data streams, the platform creates a digital twin of your supply chain, processing billions of events every second to give you diagnostic and predictive insights, including real-time locations, condition, utilization and anomaly detection. We harness the power of modern technologies that provide the scalability, speed, security, intelligence and collaboration to drive very transparent, efficient and responsive operations.

The Cloudleaf Platform and Applications

The Cloudleaf Digital Visibility Platform

Harmonize Your Data Streams

The Cloudleaf Digital Visibility Platform addresses the data gaps and silos in the operational supply chain where the physical world meets the digital world. The platform becomes the collection point to track, monitor and analyze multiple data streams, alerting stakeholders of the movement, status, location and condition of the elements fundamental to their areas of responsibility.

Power Your Decisions with Real-Time IoT Data

The Cloudleaf Platform combines real-time data streams throughout your supply chain with contextual and other relevant data to analyze, learn, predict and inform better decisions. Cloudleaf is technology-neutral and capable of integrating with any edge device as well as with our own purpose-built sensors.

Accelerate and Improve Decision Making with AI/ML

The platform is capable of utilizing AI/ML models to identify anomalies and find exceptions, providing you with continuous intelligence from the billions of data points collected throughout the supply chain. You can use these insights to improve processes, tighten inventory management, reduce compliance excursions and deliver a better product to your customers.

Connect Your Supply Chain in the Cloud

Cloud technology seamlessly enables our data streaming and data engine to operate securely and at scale. The cloud helps you stay connected to your supply chain by removing location-specific silos, reducing infrastructure costs and being more competitive than ever.

Sensor Fabric™

Link the Physical to the Digital

The Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric™ ingests and harmonizes multiple data streams and is the connection point for visibility into your supply chain. An intelligent network made up of IoT sensors and gateways collect unique location, condition and flow data – continuously delivering information to the cloud.

Platform with Sensor Fabric

Diagram of the Cloudleaf Platform with Sensor Fabric

Use Existing and New IoT sensors

The Sensor Fabric works with your existing sensors, third-party devices and Cloudleaf’s patented sensor technology. Cloudleaf’s sensors have three to five years of battery life, which allow assets to be tracked indoors and in-transit for operations of all sizes.

Device Agnostic

The Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric works with what you already have, so you can leverage previous investments while transforming your supply chain. We can ingest, integrate and interoperate with many different kinds of sensors and data streams.

Contextual and Systems Data

Our Sensor Fabric ingests and harmonizes three sources of data - real-time time from sensors; contextual data such as flight and weather; and the data in your current systems including TMS, WMS and ERP to give you a comprehensive view into the health of your supply chain.