Sensor Data Platform


We provide end-to-end hardware, connectivity, cloud services and apps that solve the enterprise digitization challenge and harmonize workflow relationships between things, processes and people. Our sensors and gateways form an intelligent-mesh that orchestrates the flow of real-time data, elegantly bridging the operation technology (OT) domain processes with back-office information technology (IT) business systems.


Explore how Cloudleaf’s Sensor Data Platform can help you solve the “Real-Time Data” conundrum.

Sensor Fabric

Patented, easy-to-deploy location aware sensors and gateways, coupled with a cloud location engine, for indoor, outdoor & in-transit coverage.

Business Rules Engine

Model and configure your workflows and business processes as triggers and events, and elicit a variety of actions in real-time.

Actionable Insights

Real-time actionable insights into your operations with key metrics, trends, alerts, notifications and reports, delivered as role-based dashboards.