Cloudleaf Sensor Data Platform

Sensor Fabric™

The Sensor Fabric™ is the connection point for supply chain visibility. An intelligent network made up of our IoT sensors and gateways collect unique location, condition and flow data––continuously delivering information to the cloud. Sensors have 3-5 years of battery life, which allow assets to be tracked across indoor, outdoor and in-transit touchpoints for operations of all sizes. Deploying the Sensor Fabric™ is quick and easy, so you can gain actionable insights right away.

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The Cloudleaf network of tools is native to cloud technology. Operational costs are drastically reduced when information can be stored, processed, and organized in one place––that’s the power of the cloud. The Sensor Fabric™ streams data to the cloud, where new insights are synthesized by the minute, providing actionable business intelligence.

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Control Center

The control center allows you to monitor the health of your Sensor Fabric™. Check battery life, identify down equipment and manage your network with scale and ease from one place.

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Enterprise Level Security

End-to-end security via authenticated virtualized secure tunneling • Identity and Authentication Management for sensors, gateways and users • Unique fingerprinting of sensors and gateways • Secure communication (Gateway to/from Cloud: 256-bit SSL/TLS with X.509 certs; Gateway to/from Sensor: 128-bit AES encryption; Signed software and secure boot on all devices) • OWASP secure coding standards and pen-testing • Secure HTTPS application access for users • Secure enterprise integration (REST APIs – Secured over HTTPS via token-based authorization; Messaging APIs – Real-time events secured via token-based authorization)