Sensor Fabric™

sensor fabric

Get our integrated kit of industrial grade and patented IoT sensors and gateways. Provision, configure, secure and monitor (NOC) them via mobile or web. Bind your assets and asset-attributes with sensors via bulk upload or mobile scanning of barcodes or traditional identifiers.

Sensors capture location fingerprints and telemetry data (temperature, shock, vibration), combined with our patented cloud location engine, provides highly precise location and enables actionable insights in real-time.

Deploy at scale across facilities and partners with ease, in a matter of days and at 1/10th the cost of a traditional system.



Model and configure your workflows and business processes as triggers and events, and elicit a variety of actions in real-time.


eal-time actionable insights into your operations with key metrics, trends, alerts, notifications and reports, delivered as role-based dashboards.