Sensor Fabric™

Cloudleaf Sensor™

Family of long-range sensors securely collect and share location and asset-level information using our patented Bluetooth Smart technology. Provisioned in minutes and managed from the cloud.

• Low cost with 2 to 5 year battery life
• Indoor, Outdoor and In-Transit coverage
• Telemetry (Temperature, Shock, Vibration)

Cloudleaf Zone Sensor™

Zone Sensors (powered or battery operated) provide more precise location for management of entry/exit events into an area as well as used for microlocation at critical workflow areas and zones.

• Low-power enterprise-grade “beacon”
• Configurable proximity range (from 70ft to 3ft)
• Location accuracy downto 3 feet

Cloudleaf Gateway™

Lightweight bidirectional gateway to the cloud. It communicates with sensors using Bluetooth Smart and with the cloud via Wi-Fi or Cellular. The gateway creates a mesh for capturing sensor data.

• WiFi/cellular connection to cloud
• 70,000 sqft. indoor space, non-line-of sight (NLOS)
• High capacity with seamless network handoffs