Back to Work

Retail store managers use the Safe2Go™ integrated platform to enable them to resume commerce in a safe fashion by having continuous, real-time visibility into employee body temperature and location/proximity, as well as automated contact tracing.

Reduced consumer spending, combined with stay-at-home orders, has taken their toll on the retail industry. U.S. retail sales have plunged as business shutdowns caused by the coronavirus kept shoppers away. For retailers that are now open––the ability to safely bring employees back to work and create a safe shopping experience for customers is paramount.

A Closer Look: Retail Case Study


To safely resume operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers require the ability to monitor employee temperature and proximity, provide a safe work environment for employees, and instill confidence in customers by providing them with a safe and convenient shopping experience.


Safe2Go provides continuous visibility into body temperature and employee location/proximity via an integrated platform that provides real-time analytics, alerts and exceptions. The secure, confidential and opt-in solution gathers this information via a sensor band that is paired with a Safe2Go mobile app for each employee.


Retailer leverages the Safe2Go integrated platform to enable employees to safely return to work as shelter-in-place rules evolve, resulting in a safe working environment for staff, and a safe and convenient shopping experience for retail customers. Employees opt-in to the solution putting them in control of their data.

Customer: Global apparel retailer with 1,000+ store locations and 40,000+ employees creates a safe working and retail experience.

1. Critical Tracking Points: Employee Temperature

Employee temperatures are monitored via a sensor band that is paired with the Safe2Go mobile app.

2. Critical Tracking Points: Employee Location/Proximity

Employee movements are tracked throughout the store, and store managers receive alerts if employee is too close to another employee or shopper.

3. Critical Tracking Points: Contact Tracing

The comprehensive Safe2Go solution provides accurate, automated contract tracing via the mobile, opt-in app to keep retail employees and shoppers safe, while safeguarding privacy.

Summary of Tracking Needs

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