Food & Beverage
Food and beverage companies use Cloudleaf to verify food and ingredient movement, history and transaction handoffs across stakeholders for product quality and compliance mandates.

Globally, the food industry churns 1.3B tons of waste, while the average plant operates at 30-60% idle capacity. An increase of 8ยบ F can reduce shelf life for products by seven days and recalls can cost companies up to $42M in penalties. Verifying food and ingredient conditions as well as transaction handoffs lowers compliance costs and food waste, while increasing product quality.

A Closer Look: Food & Beverage Case Study


Perishable ingredients and finished products have to be continuously tracked for location, temperature and humidity across the entire cold chain to avoid spoilage, waste and costly recalls.


Cloudleaf tracks location, temperature and condition of food & beverage products and raw ingredients, ensuring traceability and visibility into the entire handling process.


Greater visibility minimizes the impact of recalls, helps manage movement of perishables and leads to a reduction in global food waste.

Customer: Food and beverage supplier wants to track raw ingredients starting at the farm, all the way through manufacturing.

1. Critical Tracking Points: The Source

Raw ingredients harvested from their original source, providing history and handling records in the case of a recall.

1. Critical Tracking Points: The Factory

Once raw ingredients arrive at the factory, they need to be tracked throughout docks, manufacturing, staging and storage areas for quality monitoring and control.

Cloudleaf Solution