Manufacturing companies use Cloudleaf to ensure product quality and safety, monitor expensive tools and increase productivity both on the line and in the yard.

The average recall creates a $4.1B loss to a company’s bottom line. It costs an average of $100M in value for four weeks of excess inventory build up. Misplaced or idle tools leave room for an average 30% increase in Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

A Closer Look: Manufacturing Case Study


Inaccuracy of parts and containers delivered from dock to plant lead to production delays.


End-to-end continuous visibility of inventory helps optimize work-in-process (WIP) and production scheduling.


Efficient production scheduling with 99% inventory accuracy (parts & containers) and 80% reduction in production downtime.

Customer: Steel manufacturer needs better visibility on transportation of molten metal to reduce dwell times, which can create excessive material waste.

1. Critical Tracking Points: The Foundry

Moving molten metal from foundry to stamping facility (intra-plant move) in rail cars/torpedo carts. The carts move slowly and there is a need to know when they leave the foundry so that they can plan accordingly at the plant.

2. Critical Tracking Points: The Factory

The company wants to manage dwell time so that they can monitor the condition of molten metal, which goes bad if it stays out too long. Metal hardens and becomes a total loss for both the metal and the cart it is in.

Summary of Tracking Needs

Cloudleaf Solution