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How Blockchain Can Help Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Blockchain is revolutionizing the pharma supply chain. It is changing the way drugs are traced and maintained. It's a cost-effective way to add reliability to the current system.
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Blockchain & Cloudleaf

Alongside IoT and IIoT, another emerging technology beginning to demonstrate its potential to redefine next generation supply chain operations is blockchain. Most commonly associated with cryptocurrencies, blockchain (while in nascent stages), is actually a sophisticated record-keeping concept that solves for consistency, efficiency and transparency across distributed ledgers. Cloudleaf provides blockchain-agnostic APIs written at the cloud level to allow participation with any blockchain ledger. From the article: “The sheer volume of touch points in a typical global supply chain is revealing the fundamental weakness of the manual transaction processing approach. Paper-based record keeping is simply not designed to scale growth...
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Blockchain is the New Supply Chain

At the basic level, blockchain is a digital technology for securely recording, storing, and verifying transactions. Cloudleaf is embracing the blockchain movement with interoperable mobile technologies to provide out-of-the-box value. Cloudleaf’s Sensor Fabric™ focuses on solving transactional workflow bottlenecks through a mesh of sensors and gateways that sync OT data with user-friendly cloud systems. 
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