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Supply Chain Visibility
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Deloitte-MHI Annual Industry Report: Cloudleaf Delivers Cold Chain Visibility Innovation

Cloudleaf was featured in the annual industry report by MHI and Deloitte, for its advances in cold chain visibility solutions. According to the report, supply chains of the future will be digital, connected, collaborative, always-on, transparent and driven by forward-looking analytics. The report highlights which areas of technology are providing the greatest areas of innovation as well as case studies to help illustrate them. Highlights from the report: “Cloud Computing is ranked as the highest category of adoption for next generation supply chain adoption, followed by Sensors and Automatic Identification.” “The attributes of NextGen supply chains stem from a...
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Cold Chain Visibility with Sensors and Internet of Things

See how Cloudleaf's patented technology is enabling Cold Chain Visibility with Sensors and Internet of Things. In an increasingly digital world, supply chains are the backbone of an information ecosystem in which a connected and carefully coordinated set of movements and actions must be tracked at every level in order to maximize efficiency and meet customer demands for increased flexibility, visibility, and transparency.
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Cold Chain Visibility Unlocks Competitive Advantages

As consumer demands shape demands for more closely monitored goods in the food and beverage industry, suppliers gain a competitive edge and lower penalty costs with cold chain visibility. With continuous temperature, dwell time and condition monitoring, Cloudleaf is helping companies get ahead. From the article: “This uptick in consumer driven demand for premium products has put pressure on the food & beverage industry to deliver products sourced from across the map that are fresher, made from natural ingredients, and certified cruelty-free. Free from artificial preservatives, these products come with far shorter shelf lives and lower tolerance for prolonged...
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Food & Beverage

Cold Chain Visibility is Unlocking Competitive Advantage

The world is getting smaller and in this digital age of information and online services, consumers are traveling further abroad and experiencing new exotic cultures, foods, and ingredients. Cloudleaf is an IIoT solution for monitoring, managing and monetizing distributed-asset ecosystems across cold chains in the food & beverage industry. Cloudleaf’s value-proposition embodies the paradigm shift in IoT adoption and usage across internal and third party facilities to effectively sync up the chain from end-to-end.
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