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What an impending marriage of IoT and 5G means for the future

Enterprises are looking for ubiquitous connectivity and near-real-time remote diagnostics and management capabilities for mission-critical IoT -- and 5G is here to answer that call. "5G's low latency, faster transmissions and secure communication will speed up IoT adoption for enterprises," said Nitesh Arora, head of marketing at Cloudleaf Inc., an intelligent-sensor platform.
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White Paper

5 Tips to Kick-Start your Enterprise Asset Tracking

Download Cloudleaf’s perspective on Enterprise Asset Tracking. This white-paper provides an inside look at the concerns facing enterprises looking to digitally transform their asset ecosystems. Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric™ unlocks the promise of JIT and by making it a reality, obliviates the cost and risk associated with lost or misplaced tools, upstream production delays, and inefficient allocation of human and capital resources.
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