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5 Tips to Kick-Start your Enterprise Asset Tracking

Download Cloudleaf’s perspective on Enterprise Asset Tracking. This white-paper provides an inside look at the concerns facing enterprises looking to digitally transform their asset ecosystems. Cloudleaf Sensor Fabric™ unlocks the promise of JIT and by making it a reality, obliviates the cost and risk associated with lost or misplaced tools, upstream production delays, and inefficient allocation of human and capital resources.
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Supply Chain Visibility
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Deloitte-MHI Annual Industry Report: Cloudleaf Delivers Cold Chain Visibility Innovation

Cloudleaf was featured in the annual industry report by MHI and Deloitte, for its advances in cold chain visibility solutions. According to the report, supply chains of the future will be digital, connected, collaborative, always-on, transparent and driven by forward-looking analytics. The report highlights which areas of technology are providing the greatest areas of innovation as well as case studies to help illustrate them. Highlights from the report: “Cloud Computing is ranked as the highest category of adoption for next generation supply chain adoption, followed by Sensors and Automatic Identification.” “The attributes of NextGen supply chains stem from a...
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The Cloudleaf Solution––How it Works?

Cloudleaf is transforming Supply Chain Visibility and Optimization for enterprises. We solve the visibility problem by capturing real-time data from operations using a patented approach leveraging sensors, mobile, cloud and machine learning technologies. Our technology delivers on the promise of continuous end to end visibility of assets and their condition throughout your supply chain. Explore how Cloudleaf can transform your business!

How Blockchain Can Help Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Blockchain is revolutionizing the pharma supply chain. It is changing the way drugs are traced and maintained. It's a cost-effective way to add reliability to the current system.
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Supply Chain of the Future

Supply Chain of the Future at IPC 2018 Annual Meeting. By harnessing the power of our supply chain data, made available continuously and in real-time using IoT, we can enhance the customer experience in ways that seemed impossible not too long ago.

IoT in Supply Chain Management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) have gone hand-in-hand for quite some time, but the IoT revolution will allow us to enhance those solutions by intelligently connecting people, processes, data, and things via devices and sensors.
Supply Chain Management

Predictive Maintenance Ensures Reliability

Stop guessing when your equipment is going to fail, and start knowing. Predictive Maintenance with IoT enables manufacturing enterprises to be proactive than be reactive and deliver high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).