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Warehouse Drones Still Face Limitations

Some companies have locally inadequate inventory management, and they have latched onto the idea that flying a drone up and down the aisles every night would solve their problem, he said. "But you really should start by looking at what's causing these problems, whether the staff is putting inventory where they're supposed to put it. Fix those problems, and then you're not going to need the drone.
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Leverage IoT to Digitally Transform your Warehouses, Distribution Centers and Depots

For the day to day consumer of goods, it’s easy for us to forget that warehouses, distribution centers and depots are a key link in the supply chain. Often, all we know is that we want our products to arrive at the right time, at the right place, and at the right price. Not a tall order, is it? What we often overlook is the massive amount of complexity that exists in even the most basic supply chains that manufacture and deliver goods to either their consumers or to other industrial partners. The buffers and coordination points (or nodes) in virtually...
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