Resiliency Restored: Next Level
Supply Chain Visibility

The Global COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted every industry, but none more than pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution. Supply chains, and cold chains in particular, will require new levels of efficiency in order to provide vaccines and therapies to every corner of the world. Accelerating digital initiatives in the supply chain is key to improving efficiency and agility.

The whitepaper, Resiliency Restored: Next Level Supply Chain Visibility, draws on supply chain and cold chain experts to illustrate how using a digital visibility platform enables you to control the chaos and get the critical information you need to identify and maintain the integrity of your pharmaceutical products.

“Going forward, supply chain visibility will be crucial, and it should be the number one priority for chief supply chain officers.”

Dr. Hau Lee, Professor at Stanford University Graduate School of Business and Co-Director of the Value Chain Initiative

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